TerraVest Industries.

Your partner for bobtails, bulk storage, crane service trucks, domestic tanks,
transports, refurbishing services, and more. 

One Source, Many Solutions

We provide One Source, Many Solutions custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our family of highly reputable brands is backed by compressed gas experts with decades of expertise.

Our Services


TerraVest Industries offers a variety of compressed gas transport and storage equipment, such as bobtails, bulk storage tanks, crane service trucks, domestic tanks, transport trailers, and more.

Parts & Service

TerraVest Industries proudly offers parts and service locations throughout the United States so that our customers are never far from a service center. Our extensive network allows us to provide a large variety of parts promptly, and parts that can be difficult to find.

Our Competitive Advantages.

Compressed Gas Products

Browse our most popular solutions.

Upcoming Events

TerraVest Industries exhibits at industry trade shows throughout the U.S. all year. Here’s a list of the upcoming shows you can find us exhibiting.

January 25 -
January 26, 2024
Kansas City, MO
Jan 25 - Jan 26 | Kansas City, MO | Booths T2 and T3
April 2 -
April 4, 2024
Indianapolis, IN
April 2 - April 4 | Indianapolis, IN | Booth T18
April 5 -
April 7, 2024
Charlotte, NC
April 05 - April 07 | Charlotte, NC | Booth T303
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