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TerraVest Industries is a publicly traded company that owns and operates a number of metal manufacturing businesses, including propane equipment such bobtails, bulk storage solutions, crane service trucks, domestic tanks, transports, and more. TerraVest Industries is the parent company of TerraVest Tanks, Mississippi Tank Company, Signature Truck Systems, Pro-Par, Inc. and Maxfield.


TerraVest Industries bobtails are designed and built by our skilled craftsmen using the latest technology and quality materials. We include thoughtful options such as center console boxes, bucket holders, hose reel options, and so much more because we’re propane people, and we understand the features that make a big difference. Sizes range from 1,200 to 8,500 USWG.

Bulk Storage

TerraVest Industries stocks a large variety of sizes from 5,000 U.S. Water Gallons (USWG) up to 180,000 USWG for bulk storage of propane, chlorine, anhydrous ammonia (NH3), and other chemicals. Our standard bulk storage tanks are equipped with threaded coupling openings, with flanged openings available upon request. The exterior of our standard bulk storage tanks is power tool cleaned and finished with one coat of Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 646. We can provide other paint systems and options at the customer’s request.

Crane Service Trucks

TerraVest Industries offers the most thoughtfully designed crane service trucks on the market, made by people who have been in the industry for a long time and know what it’s like to work out in the elements. From flip-up cabinet doors to keep the operator dry while working, to an in-cab aluminum center console box, to an on-board swing-out vise, our staff is committed to building the right truck for each specific customer’s operation.

Domestic Tanks

TerraVest Industries offers aboveground (AG) and underground (UG) domestic tanks from 330 to 1,999 USWG, with custom sizes available upon request. We gather regular input and opinions from propane industry professionals and draw inspiration from seeing decades of tank designs to deliver tanks that consistently withstand the test of time.


At TerraVest Industries, we engineer our transports for maximum payloads and build them lighter than the competition. In addition, the finest quality is assured from tank to taillight because all work, including tank fabrication and assembly, is done under the watchful eye of the industry’s most exacting quality control specialists.

Cylinder Trucks

TerraVest Industries provides custom options for cylinder trucks to meet each customer’s unique set of requirements for sizes, features, and more.


Terravest Industries offers three types of dispensers:
  • Propane
  • Auto-Gas
  • High-Pressure


Chassis mounted transloaders for swift maneuverability to increase the overall speed and convenience of unloading railcar and filling bulk transports with propane or butane. In-house engineering and on-site fabrication which allows for custom, application specific design. The design and manufacture of the stair/platform assembly (mobile unit) complies with the principles outlined in ANSI/SAIA A92.2 – 2015 standards.


Porta-paks provide the perfect solution for bulk storage of compressed gas or anhydrous ammonia that needs to be portable. TerraVest Industries offers custom designs to meet your unique specifications. Our team is up-to-date with all compliance requirements on both the state and federal levels.

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to provide the compressed gas industry with One Source, Many Solutions custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

By offering our customers access to five different brands, we’re able to provide:

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