Our Family of Brands

Building and refurbishing aboveground (AG) and underground (UG) domestic tanks from 330 to 1,999 U.S. Water Gallons (USWG) in the USA and Canada. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Offering customers the ultimate customization with bobtails, crane service trucks, cylinder delivery trucks & trailers, transloaders, and transports. Refurbishing services are also available.

A major supplier for over 70 years of custom fabricated pressure vessels for the Petro-Chem industries and LPG/NH3 storage tanks and transport trailers. Sister company includes MTankCo, a resource for parts.

A leading pressure vessel storage and transportation equipment manufacturer for the compressed gas, agricultural, and oil & gas industries across Western Canada. Dispensers, skids, and installation services are also available.

Bringing the compressed gas industry aboveground (AG) and underground (UG) domestic tanks from 320 to 1,999 U.S. Water Gallons (USWG), storage vessels from 5,000 to 90,000 USWG, TC 331 transports for LPG, bobtails, modular plant fabrication, and installation services.

TerraVest Tanks

Manufactured throughout the USA and Canada, TerraVest Tanks offers aboveground (AG) and underground (UG) domestic tanks from 330 to 1,999 USWG, with custom sizes available upon request.

At TerraVest Tanks, we gather regular input and opinions from compressed gas industry professionals and draw inspiration from seeing decades of tank designs to deliver tanks that consistently withstand the test of time. With our modern approach and commitment to changing the way domestic tanks are designed, manufactured, and serviced, TerraVest Tanks offers an elevated customer experience from start to finish.

Mississippi Tank Company

Founded in 1945, Mississippi Tank Company is headquartered in Hattiesburg, MS with additional locations in Osceola, IA, and Vincennes, IN. For over 70 years, Mississippi Tank Company has provided quality service, workmanship, and products for the LPG industry. It is a major supplier of custom fabricated pressure vessels for the Petro-Chem industries and LPG/NH3 storage tanks and transport trailers.

MTankCo Supply is a division of Mississippi Tank Company that has been distributing compressed gas equipment for over 50 years. Our goal is to offer customers plenty of options and support when it comes to compressed gas equipment by providing a large assortment of products paired with our knowledgeable staff. We have long-term relationships with some of the leading manufacturers, such as: MEC, Blackmer, Idex Corporation, Corken, Liquid Controls, Jomar Valve, and more. The combined experience of Mississippi Tank Company and MTankCo Supply allows customers to have not only an array of products to choose from, but also access to a large inventory of parts and supplies creating a seamless experience for the life of each product.

Signature Truck Systems

Signature Truck Systems, located in Clio and Houghton Lake, MI, began operations in 1999 offering the ultimate in customization with propane trucks built by propane people to meet the unique specs and needs of each customer –  made possible with onsite engineering and custom fabrication.

Each delivery vehicle built by the Signature Truck Systems’ team has a decal signed by the lead technician and a member of the management team upon inspection, which is why the company slogan has always been, “A Commitment to Quality, Backed by a Signature.” Customers can take comfort in knowing that the people who built, inspected, and approved their vehicle are confident in their ability to deliver exceptional results.


Maxfield is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pressure vessel storage and transportation equipment with operations across Canada and into the United States. Maxfield engineers, designs, and manufactures equipment for the most demanding applications.

Working closely with the other brands in the TerraVest Industries family, Maxfield stocks a wide variety of completed tanks and raw steel ensuring some of the shortest leads times in the industry. Customers are provided with a high-quality experience through decades of experience, thoughtful design, and options to each product that make getting the job done that much easier.

Pro-Par, Inc.

Pro-Par Inc. is a Quebec-based manufacturer committed to serving the compressed gas industry’s needs in storage and transportation equipment. Additionally, a distribution center is located in Bangor, Maine to provide USA customers with the compressed gas equipment they need in a timely manner.

Drawing on the expertise of highly experienced employees and in-house engineering, Pro-Par delivers safe, reliable, and durable products with stringent standards that offer complete peace of mind for customers. The flexibility to have tanks made to specific specifications is also available.
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